Buy Life Insurance, Be Happy

According to a recent survey released by New York Life, people who buy life insurance report greater happiness and more optimism than people who don't own such coverage. The survey indicated that forty-two percent of life insurance owners said they are very happy with their lives, compared with 32% of those without coverage. On top of that, 64% of life insurance owners say their quality of life is above average for the United States, compared with 51% of people without coverage.
buy life insurance, be happy
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Now I'm not going to claim to know why this is the case, but I can speculate. First, I suspect that people who buy life insurance are, buy the very act of making the decision to buy a policy, doing some financial planning. And those that do financial planning tend to be more in control of their lives. That control generally translates into a calm contentment, which is one of the keys to happiness. Second, people who buy life insurance are doing it because they love someone and they are taking the steps necessary to provide for those they love even in the event that something terrible happens.

Is "happiness" reason enough to buy life insurance?

If you ask me, I'd say probably so! But there are so many other benefits to owning a life insurance policy that I think I would just consider that happiness "icing on the cake"!

If you are ready to "get happy" and buy a life insurance policy, I'd be honored to assist you. Feel free to contact me by telephone or email and we can get the process started together. Of course, you can also begin the process yourself right here on this website by running a life insurance quote using our quoting tool. Once you find a policy that you are comfortable with, you can begin an application right here online.