Where does Suze Orman buy her life insurance?

I just saw an ad featuring “financial guru” Suze Orman stumping for one of the big internet-based life insurance agencies. The ad had a quote that said something like “Need life insurance? This is where I bought mine.” It just struck me as odd because I think I remember hearing somewhere that Suze Orman holds insurance licenses in all 50 states and it seems to me she’d simply write her own policy.

Suze Orman Life Insurance
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On the other hand, I figure she’s probably too busy to do that herself. I don’t know. But as I think about it, it does make me wonder why she maintains her insurance licenses in 50 states! That’s got to cost a few bucks every year, and since she isn’t in the business of selling insurance, well, like I said…I don’t know!

Where should you buy your life insurance?

Well, I am a “little” biased, but I think you should buy it from us! We aren’t one of the big internet-based agencies; we are a small agency based in Southern California. Like the big agencies, we have access to virtually every carrier in the marketplace today. But unlike most of our super-sized competition, we aren’t owned by any particular insurance company (many of the “big boys” are–call me and I will give you an example that you can easily test yourself!), so we don’t have any incentive to steer you into a particular company’s product line. In addition, because I am a licensed financial advisor as well as a licensed insurance agent, I adhere to a fiduciary standard of care for my clients. Simply put, this means that I have an obligation to place the needs of my clients ahead of my own. So when you do business with us, you can expect the highest level of client care.

In fact, I will make a promise to you that you will get a higher level of service than Suze Orman gets from whatever company she buys her life insurance from!

If you are shopping for a life insurance policy, give me a call toll-free at (877) 883-3561. I’d love the opportunity to earn your business.



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Founder of Rates4Term.com and Cona Financial Group Richard Eddy has been assisting clients with their life insurance needs since 2005. He is an expert helping people find the right policy to fit their specific situation. In addition to insurance planning, he is also experienced in a wide range of financial planning topics including investment and portfolio analysis, tax planning, retirement planning and estate preservation strategies. You can call Richard toll-free at (877) 883-3561.