Cheap Term Life Insurance

cheap term life insurance

Finding Cheap Term Life Insurance Rates

Are you looking for cheap term life insurance? If so, surf on over to our term insurance rates page you can find quotes from over 100 companies, including the “cheap” (or as we like to call them, the inexpensive) companies.

Term insurance has become, in many ways, a commodity. This means that for the most part one term policy is as good as another. Of course, there are a few things to consider when you are trying to decide on a life insurance company, but the term policies that you can buy from all of the major carriers are very similar. Just find a company that offers competitive rates (Ohio National, Genworth and ING are often very good) and a policy that has the features that you want (e.g., convertibility, child riders, level term premiums). Once you have done that, simply request an application via our website or by telephone at 877-883-3561 and we will get the process started for you.

Shopping Around for Cheap Term Life Insurance

If you feel the need to shop around for rates, feel free to get quotes from other websites. Be careful with the sites that request your contact information before the show you the rates. Those sites are collecting your information so that they can sell it to up to 8 (typically) insurance agents who will call you and email you in an effort to get your business. There isn’t anything wrong with that if that is how you like to do business, but I just thought you should know. For the record, we don’t work like that. Feel free to use our “quoter” all you want to compare rates. Get in touch if you want some help. What could be simpler?

Side note: Even though I said earlier that term insurance was a commodity, there are some pretty significant differences between companies in the area of underwriting and approval. For example, some companies are better if you have a family history of cancer, others are better if you are a smoker. When you work with us, we will help you find cheap term life insurance rates for the policy that you are going to buy.

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Richard Eddy

Founder of and Cona Financial Group Richard Eddy has been assisting clients with their life insurance needs since 2005. He is an expert helping people find the right policy to fit their specific situation. In addition to insurance planning, he is also experienced in a wide range of financial planning topics including investment and portfolio analysis, tax planning, retirement planning and estate preservation strategies. You can call Richard toll-free at (877) 883-3561.